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History of Mahaoya Divisional Secretariat

Mahaoya was part of Binthenna regoin of ancient Sri Lanka. Mahawansa describe existence of settlement in the area and visit of Loard Budhdha to settle disputes among tribal leaders. In addition falktore mentions battle of prince Pandukabhaya to throne of Sri Lanka compind as Dolugala with assistance of Binthanna inhabitonts. Moreover, both prince Gamini and prince Keerthi (late king Vijayabhahu) moves through Binthanna to fought against foreignh invvaders.Galagama Disawa represent Binthanna as signatory to Uduwara part with British invaders in 1815. Mahaoya was remained as part of Binthanna Disawa when Kandyan Kingdom.
There was later composed in to Badulla District and experienced bitter fightings in Uwa Wellassa rebellion. The area was came under Uwa province and in 1886 Binthanna was decided into newly created reaston and Uwa province along Mahaoya river and tern most parts were transfered into Batticaloa District and Eastern province. By 1976 Mahaoya Assistant Government Agent Division was part of monaragala District and. then merge into Ampara district.Area under Mahaoya town was identified asd Meda wahawa in old days. The area became populated due to mahaoya Hospital and location in Peradeniya Chenkaladi road. Name Mahaoya first appeared in 1891 population centsas. Mundeni Aru River flows near to Mahaoya town and River called in sinhala as mahaoya which transfered later into name of naerby township. 

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.Jinasiri Dadallage 1985 1991
Mr.Piyadasa Udawatta 1991 1993
Mr.Sunil Kannangara 1993 1995
Mr.Piyadasa Udawatta 1995 1999
Mr.P.S.K.R.Weerakoon 1997 2002
Mr.A.Wijesiri 2002 2002
Mr.J.M.A.Duglas 2002 2006
Mr.A.M.Wickramarachchi 2006 2014
Mr.R.M.N.Wijetunga 2014 2015
Mr.Wijith Kanugala 2015 2015



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මහඔය ප්‍රාදේශීය සම්බන්ධීකරණ කමිටු රැස්වීම 2018

මහඔය ප්‍රාදේශීය සම්බන්ධීකරණ කමිටු රැස්වීම 2018 ජුනි...

Sport Festival 2018

Sport Festival 2018

ජාතික ශරීර සුවතා වැඩ සටහන  2018/05/22 දින...

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